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What would your magazine look like?

What would your magazine look like?
For decades, magazines have been the perfect medium for bringing people information in an attractive way. There are all kinds of magazines on a wide variety of topics, which could be anything from science to sports. Magazines originated in 1663 in Germany, and then France, Italy and England also started to produce and publish their own magazines. Do you know which are the 5 best-selling and most influential magazines in the world? If you don’t already know, we’d like to let you know that National Geographic, Playboy, Vogue, Time and Rolling Stone lead the market of print magazines. However, the digital world has entered into this medium, and now you can find magazines in digital form, and it’s even possible to access them on cell phones and laptops! Have you ever wondered how you’d look on the cover of a magazine? Now you can find out! This test will put your curiosity to rest. Are you ready?

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